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Smokefree South West was (it was renamed to Public Health Action in Nov '15 and subsequently closed Feb '16 due to cessation of funding[1][2]) an organisation funded by all 14 Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) in the south west of England to "reduce smoking rates in the South West and make tobacco use less desirable and accessible"[3]

The 14 PCTs are[4]:

Map of South West PCTs
  1. Gloucestershire[5]
  2. South Gloucestershire[6]
  3. Bristol Teaching[7]
  4. Somerset[8]
  5. North Somerset[9]
  6. Bath and North East Somerset[10]
  7. Swindon[11]
  8. Wiltshire[12]
  9. Bournemouth and Poole Teaching[13]
  10. Dorset[14]
  11. Devon[15]
  12. Torbay Care Trust[16]
  13. Plymouth Teaching[17]
  14. Cornwall and Isles of Scilly[18]

FoI requests

In March of 2012, two FoI requests showed that SFSW had budgeted nearly £.5 million of taxpayers money on lobbying government for plain packaging of tobacco, including the '' and a billboard advertising programme for which Bray Leino received 'Cream Award.'

SFSW have contributed a, currently unknown, sum towards the founding of the website - dedicated to 'researching' those who are particularly vocal against the anti-tobacco tactics used by tax-payer funded organisations.