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Positions held

  • - 1984 - Political Science graduate[1]
  • 1984 - ? - Co-founder (with Peter Klerks[2]) of Buro Jansen & Janssen - spin-off from an 80's squatter's movement, that (still) spies on other organisations.[1]
  • 2002(?) - Present(?) - Freelance journalist[1]
  • 2004 - ? - Founder of spinwatch.org[1] - a site that's apparently not adverse to spinning itself[3]
  • ? - Present - Research Fellow at the University of Bath[4][5]
  • ? - ? - Professor of Investigative Journalism at Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam[4]
  • 2012 - Present - Founder and co-managing editor of TobaccoTactics.org[6]



Conflicts of interest


Ms. Lubbers is a Danish Activist[2] who co-founded a company (that was a spin-off from an 80's movement) that prides itself on spying on other organisations. More recently, in 2012, she was a co-founder of TobaccoTactics.org that does much the same but also spies on private individuals.

She has also published books based on works of a similar subject:

  • Secret Manoeuvres in the Dark: Corporate and Police Spying on Activists[7](14 Jun 2012)
  • Battling Big Business: Countering Greenwash Front Groups and Other Forms of Corporate Deception[8](25 April 2002)
  • La grande mascarade : Ces multinationales qui lavent plus vert[9] (The Great Masquerade: Those multinationals that wash greener) (13 Dec 2006)
  • Schone Schijn - Smerige streken in de strijd tussen burgers en bedrijven.[10] (Body Beautiful - Dirty tricks in the struggle between citizens and businesses)(2002[11])

In June 2018, she - rather hypocritically, co-signed a letter complaining about being spied upon.[12]

To be confirmed, whether this is the same person, but in 2019 a 'Dr Eveline Lubbers' was the author of a report by Scottish Campaign Opposing Police Surveillance (SCOPS) - i.e. an organisation against spying on people:

A report published by the Scottish Campaign Opposing Police Surveillance (SCOPS) said a number of controversial undercover operatives travelled north of the border for activities including spying on the Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) and infiltrating activists ahead of the 2005 G8 summit at Gleneagles.


Written by academic Dr Eveline Lubbers, the SCOPS report said SDS officers John Dines, Mark Jenner and “Carlo Neri” all travelled to Scotland with women they had “targeted for long-term relationships”. Neri is said to have spied on the SSP while visiting Glasgow. Another officer, Mark Kennedy, is said to have been accompanied to Scotland by women on multiple occasions.[13]