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Buro Jansen & Janssen[1] are a Dutch 'detective' agency co-founded by Eveline Lubbers and Peter Klerk itself being 'a spin-off from the powerful squatters movement of the eighties'[2] The squatters' movement and other activist groups were, in the 80's, increasingly confronted investigation by police and intelligence services. Jansen & Janssen began as a reaction against the collection of counter-information. During the nineties, the research firm shifted more towards controversial issues in general.[3]

One of it's subsiduaries, Stichting Res Publica ('Res Publica' foundation,) went on to be responsible for TobaccoTactics.org; a site that purports to monitor 'Big Tobacco' but also takes an active interest into people who are vocal about anti-tobacco tactics not affiliated with tobacco companies.

The agency takes its name from the bumbling detectives in the Dutch translation[4] of Tintin by Hergé. In the original French and translation into English they were known as 'Dupont et Dupond[5]' and 'Thomson and Thompson[5]'