Borland, Savvas (2012)

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Effects Of Stick Design Features On Perceptions Of Characteristics Of Cigarettes[1] is a research paper for Tobacco Control which involved an internet survey of 160 young Australian smokers.

No non-smokers were asked to participate.


Participants were presented with computer images of three sets cigarettes:

  • Set A: five that differed by length, and diameter
  • Set B: five that differed by the pattern (if any) on the tip
  • Set C: four that differed by 'decorative design' [this appears to be the branding on the cigarettes]

Participants were asked to rank each set for:

  • Attractiveness
  • Perception of quality
  • Perception of taste (strong/weak)


Set A: Standard length/width was seen as most attractive and highest quality

Set B: Cork-patterned was seen as most attractive and strongest in taste

Set C: Branded cigarettes were seen as higher in quality and stronger tasting,


A comprehensive policy to eliminate promotional aspects of cigarette design and packaging needs to include rules about stick design.

But as with other such surveys about "what you think" doesn't necessarily translated into "what you'd do."