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Community Research Company[1] in their own words:

...provides evidence for change through research, evaluation and engagement. We are an innovative company specialising in service user led research and development. We offer individuals, groups and organisations training, support and insight to make a difference across all sectors, for all ages, public, private and third sector.[2]

It was founded in January of 2011 by Jon Adamson(who left in July 2012[3]) and Graham Fletcher[2]

They are the authors of Adamson & Templeton (2012), which purports to castigate a full third of UK parents for 'binge drinking' and as a result traumatising their children.

Unfortunately, at the time of the release of their report, their website[4] consists of nothing but an empty page, one of the founders mentioned in the report was no longer part of the company, and the only information available about the company is either in the report, or from LinkedIn.


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