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"It should be banned. You can't eat a meal the size of a baby if you want to stay healthy, but if restaurants won't stop providing it, we need to educate the customer not to eat it."[3]

Dr Haslam on a cafe selling a large breakfast for £15, with the clearly unobtainable (for most people) promotion that if a single person can consume the entirety of the meal within an hour, they get it for free.

The offer has been going on for 18 months, and only one person[4] has taken the cafe up on the offer and succeeded. Nearly everyone else accepts the offer for what it is - a gimmick:

[The proprietor of the cafe] defended the huge meal, saying: "It is what it is. It was done as a laugh and 99% of the population understands that.

"I've not had a single health official phone me up to complain. I'm just one guy with a few staff trying to get people to have a good time. It's a once-in-a-lifetime challenge."[3]