Jamie Oliver

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Positions held

  • ? - ? - Pastry Chef[1]
  • ? - ? - Soux Chef[2]
  • 1997 - present - Television chef[3]


  • 2 GCSEs[3]
  • City & Guilds NVQ in home economics.[3]


Ban Butter...

School cooks are being told to stop using butter in sandwiches to help tackle childhood obesity.

They are being urged to use a reduced-fat spread or none at all as part of a tough nutrition regime coming into force today.

However, the directive – part of the school meals revolution demanded by Jamie Oliver – was greeted with shock and bemusement last night.[4]

... unless I'm using it

A spokesman for Jamie Oliver, who has championed improved nutrition in schools, said: 'He is completely against a ban on butter. He uses butter in his recipes, for example for roasting potatoes in his Christmas programme.

'He doesn't like the whole kind of food police, we must ban everything, point of view.[5]

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