Maureen McGinn

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Positions held

  • 2004 - 2009 - Chief Executive of the Laidlaw Youth Trust [1]
  • 2007 - current - Scotland chair on the Board of The Big Lottery Fund (part of the UK National Lottery)[2]
  • 2008 - current - Chair of the board of ASH Scotland[1]


Conflicts of interest

While holding - at the same time - posts on the Board that distribute National Lottery funds[2] and ASH Scotland[1], The Big Lottery Fund had (by May 2012) distributed more than £100M to Wales[3] Of this £864,881 was to ASH Wales:

Wales-wide The project over three years will provide a specialist smoking cessation service for young smokers across Wales. The services will be tailored to young people at each stage of adolescent tobacco use, through utilising mixed methods of engagement including peer and group support, on line, text messaging, and a telephone helpline.[4]