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Drinkaware, aka Drinkaware is a charity (#1094586) with the alleged aims of

... positively chang[ing] public behaviour and the national drinking culture to help reduce alcohol misuse and minimise alcohol-related harm [1]

As is typical for most Big Temperance charities, they treat everyone who drinks alcohol as someone to be nannied and demormalised, rather than concentrating on the actual problem drinkers.


Unfortunately, unlike other charities such as Alcohol Concern, in their financial statements submitted to the Charities Commission they categorise nearly all externally received funds as "Voluntary" even though some of them aren't.

For example in their 2012 accounts they list:

Incoming resources:

Incoming resources from generated [funds]:

Voluntary income - donations: 5,013,374

Investment income - bank interest: 18,895

Incoming resources from charitable activities:

Consumer information - 53,584

Other incoming resources - 23,369[2]

Sources for this 'voluntary income' include[3] numerous alcohol firms who, it would appear, seem to have been forced (it would be churlish to call it blackmail) into supplying money to this charity for fear of being painted as "firms who don't care."

Very little of this 'voluntary income' appears to have been actually voluntary given by members of the public, as most people would understand how a charity would/should be funded.


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