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The website

Drinkuary website (Facebook page)


Alcohol Concern, in their attempt to raise funds since the UK Government - unusually - decided to cease their direct tax-payer funding (£0.7 million in 2010/11 alone) in 2011 resulting in the loss of Don Shenker and their offices, have decided that the whole of the UK should go on the wagon in January of 2013, and raise money for... Alcohol Concern.

The impact on the Exchequer of the loss of all that excise duty is never explained, let alone alluded to.

Nicknamed (by Alcohol Concern) Dry January, people fed up with state and fake-charity intervention in what should be the private behaviour of individuals, created Drinkuary in the same sort of mockery that the puritanical Stoptober campaign (where, had it worked, the Exchequer would end up forgoing 10% of the health budget) engendered the creation of Octabber.