Bauld (2012)

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The Impact of Smokefree Legislation in England: Evidence Review is a report comissioned, and paid for, by the Department of Health, written by Linda Bauld, for the 5-year anniversary of the Smoking Ban in England.

Despite having no relevant qualifications in the fields of health, economics or statistics, Ms. Bauld comes to her conclusions that the ban was a good thing, relying heavily on the specious arguments typically used when claiming deleterious effects of SHS, along with a very specific claim

A feasibility study was conducted in England to explore ways of examining the impact of the law on restaurants, bars, hotels and other hospitality venues. This found no evidence of any obvious effect of smokefree legislation on the hospitality industry in England. However, the authors emphasised that a longer-term analysis of impact is needed, ideally when five years’ data are available post-legislation.

which directly contradicts a more rigorous study from the previous year that shows a direct correlation between the smoking bans in three countries and the dates of their own bans. England was one of those countries.